Support Plus

Whatever your situation, we can help, and we are with you every step of the way.

  • Problems with a relationship?
  • Being bullied at home or work?
  • Being abused, either emotional, physical or sexual?
  • Problems coping with life's stresses?

We can help you to cope and deal with your issues. Don't suffer in silence!

About Support Plus

Support+ offers adults a level of support that sits between the current Information and Advise services and the Professional Therapeutic Counselling Service.

As we are a Registered Charity and due to contract and grant awards, we are able to provide some free support plus services for particular age groups or geographical areas. Currently, adult support plus services are available for free in the East Northamptonshire area. As we are also a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee’ we can undertake trading activities so therapeutic services can also be purchased from Service Six. If you are an adult, feel you need support plus but would not be eligible for our free services, please contact us to discuss further the options in buying a service from us.

Support+ is a confidential service and the primary aim is to provide 1-2-1 support for people who are looking to access our Counselling Service, who are on the waiting list for our Counselling Service, who are in need to talk to someone and/or who are in a crisis situation.
Experience has shown us that sometimes people simply need a space to be able to offload and be listened to, particularly in a time of crisis and not all people need ongoing therapeutic counselling.

Support+ offers that space.
1-2-1 support sessions are initially offered on a 'one off' basis and will be a booked appointment of between 30-50 minutes. This gives a person the opportunity to meet someone from the Support+ service and to have an initial session to talk to someone about what is troubling or worrying them. If the person requires further support, initially 4 Support+ sessions can be booked with a review of their progress made.

Wellbeing Assessment

When we receive an enquiry relating to an adult who is in need of support, or who is requesting counselling we ask for some details and information regarding this referral. If we feel it is appropriate to offer Support+, we will arrange for an appointment for the person to see a Support Worker to enable the person to talk to someone about their issues or concerns.
The information provided on our referral form is normally confidential within Service Six and is held securely. The only exception to our confidentiality policy is where you provide any information which suggests that you or someone else is at serious risk of harm or that you intend to harm yourself or someone else. If you tell us this appropriate Service Six personnel will need to consider any actions to make sure that you and or the other people you mentioned are safe. If you tell us something like this ordinarily your assessor will tell you immediately that they will have to advise their manager who may need to take further action including contacting external agencies including the Emergency Services and Social Services amongst others.

What Next?

Once you have been referred to Support+, your details will be put on the waiting list and you
will be contacted as soon as a Support Worker is available and we can arrange sessions for you.
During the support session your Support Worker will discuss a verbal contract (a spoken agreement) with you. This will include: the length of the sessions, where and how often the support sessions are held, the number of sessions offered, arrangements for cancellations and contact information and confidentiality.

Contact The Support Plus Team

If you are not sure if you need the help of a qualified counsellor then contact our Support Plus team.

Our Support Plus team can be contacted via


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